Porn Ography

So I'm thinking today about stuff as I do. You know, general philosophy of life kind of stuff. And then it hits me: if oceanography is the study of the ocean, then is pornography the study of porn? Finally, a question that deserves a real answer.

Although I have yet to find a University offering a degree in Pornography, I did find the root of the word. It comes from the Greek pornographos: porne meaning prostitute and graphein meaning to write. That is to say, pronography literally means "to write about prostitutes". Go figure! 

By the same logic, a bio-porn-ography would be a writen work about the life of a prostitute and an auto-bio-porn-orgraphy would be a self written piece about the life of a prostitute. Biopornography: a torid tale of sex, money, and the quest for fulfillment... A soon-to-be best seller, I'm sure...